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The Daring Kitchen – My first challenge: Hrapocuša

Have you heard of The Daring Kitchen? No? Well let me tell you about it! The Daring Kitchen originated as The Daring Bakers in November 2006 when two ladies decided to bake pretzels for the first time using the same recipe, and then write about their experiences in a blog. The next month they chose to bake biscotti and

Graduation Cakes

Ah, high school graduation! Young men and women ready to take on the world! But first, they need to have a graduation party complete with a cake! Here’s a cake I did for my cousin’s daughter, Samantha. She had a combined graduation party with her cousin, Meagan, who also had a similar cake with her college

In the blink of an eye, she’s sweet sixteen.

  A long time ago and way back when, it was 1999. The world was sitting on the edge of its seat, wondering what would happen when the clocks struck midnight and the new millennium began. Would computers keep working or would everything come to a grinding halt? This was the Y2K problem or the

Like building a house, you need a good foundation for cake decorating

So you want to decorate a cake and you’re wondering where to start? Well the first thing you need is a level cake! You’ve baked your cakes and they just came out of the oven. You think to yourself…”Wow, they really puffed up in the middle!” Here’s where you’re going to need to level your

Stepping out of my comfort zone

I’ve never been much of a writer. The only real writing I’ve ever done consisted of the occasional essay WAY back in school and all of those lab write-ups for Physical Chemistry. So me? A blogger? Never going to happen. That’s something other people do, who have lots to talk about. Then I got to thinking…what